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Using the VX Search System Tray Icon

Power computer users and IT administrators may use the VX Search system tray icon to start frequently performed file search operations directly from the system tray status area. The VX Search system tray icon menu shows all the user-defined search profiles and allows one to start any file search operation in a single mouse click.

In order to enable the system tray icon, open the 'Options' dialog, select the 'General' tab and check the 'Minimize To System Tray' option. When this option is enabled, the VX Search main GUI application will be minimized to the system tray icon. To open the VX Search system tray menu, click the right mouse button over the system tray icon.

When a search operation is launched from the system tray menu, the VX Search GUI application will be restored from the system tray area and shown as the top level window displaying search results that were found.